Survey Analysis & Diagnosis

Diagnostics & Testing Methods

Physical Surveys and analysis are key to parts to understanding your buildings current portfolio function. Progressive Consulting can deploy a full range of cutting edge technologies to assist in diagnosis detection of failures, root cause, severity and solution recommendations. Proper tools can confirm that your building is free of damage also. Methods include Infrared scans, moisture probes/meters, Fastener pullout testing, aerial ponding surveys intended to determine drainage function.


Prioritized Building schedules

With the vast amount of building information available, the best way to gain an advantage is through understanding. With this particular process we instill confidence to help you take action to capitalize on asset preservation, driving towards long range performance and optimization.

Offering our clients carefully created high value solutions and options. Solutions that are continually proactive and responsive to help achieve ultimate asset performance and Return of Investment.

~We gather a comprehensive inventory of individual Building Envelope components~