Consultant Services

Value of a Consultant

Piece of mind is the bottom line for using a roof consultant, ultimately to save money, increase profits, and improve productivity. You can rest assured that, as your Roof Consultant, PCS will do that and much more. Our consultants are professional members of Roof Consultants Institute (RCI). As well as designations as HAAG as Certified Commercial Roof Inspectors.

Contract Monitoring/Management

No matter the extensiveness of the evaluation/survey or how applicable the specification and drawings, the success of the project is largely dependent on the execution by the contractor. Progressive’s collaborative approach with our clients and the contractor ensures that everyone succeeds during the process form initial, interim, and final inspection.


Building Envelope Services



  • Client specific Tailored performance requirements,  condition assessment objective data 
  • Baseline condition diagnosis testing evaluations  Design/plans based on sound roof asset management programs  
  • Condition based options and strategies for Maintenance, Repair, Restoration and replacement to extend the projected useful lifecycle  Projected useful life cost Analysis
  • 5+ years Project Forecasts to reduce or eliminate roof related budget surprises.
  • Evaluation of design meeting client needs and goals with system selection
  • General project conditions and follow-through 
  • Standard Bid forms and procedures
  • Specifically, customized recommendations and details.

Find hidden capital

Stop accepting Band-Aid solutions that do not last. Allow PCS to avoid the expences of preventable service calls, and avoid colaterall damage by taking advantage of opportunities to save energy operating expences, ultimately becoming efficient. In doing so you will improve the productivity and performance of your buildings intended function.

Progressive Consulting offers specific programes to meet your buisness goals and stratergies. Providing full comprehensive analysis to further the protection of your Roof & Building Envelope Assets.


Good to Know….

Case studies have shown that Project managment & monitoring Scope of services adds 1-3% of the initial cost, but with initial implementation a sucsessful project management can more then Double the life of your roof.