Building Envelope

Energy savings

A building envelope represents 40% of a buildings energy performance, so it stands to reason that the identifying and strengthening vulnerabilities early will reduce energy loss and improve efficiency. It’s no news that your building performs on a 24/7/365 basis, and for decades at a time, while being constantly exposed to the elements. It’s a fact that Roofs & Walls fail prematurely in an unlimited number of ways due to harsh weather issues, incorrect materials, improper design, poor installation and the big one Lack of Maintenance”.

The saving grace is the fact that the building will present itself with visible and hidden clues. Unfortunately for many, these clues are often ignored or missed all together until the extent of the damage is expensive to fix.  Progressive Consulting is proactive in Offering our clients carefully created high value solutions and options. Solutions that are continually proactive and responsive to help achieve ultimate asset performance and Return of Investment.

Generally speaking, improving the building envelope can reduce energy consumption by 20% to 30%. When the building skin is more efficient, all the related heating and cooling systems become more efficient.


Building Envelope Services

Take a comprehensive inventory of individiual building envelope components.

  • Perform diagnostics and survey of the building, or an entire building portfolio.
  • Qualify the findings with an expert in building envelope diagnostics
  • Devolop a condition-baseed maintenance plan, rather than replacing components according to their estimated projected useful life.

Take advantage of your building envelope assets and manage the buildings porfolio. By maintaining and monitoring on a contiuaous basis, to achieve the greatest value and productivity for your facility.

We can objectivly lifecycle manage your portfolio of assests, whether you have 1 building or 100+ buildings. Our asset management programs are custom tailored to meet your buisness goals.